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Founded in 1997, I.T.S. is today a team of specialists who stand for quick developments, rapid reaction, and dealing with customers and development partners on a personal level. The objectives striven for by our customers with the use of our implants, have a common denominator: The improvement of known operative methods. We export product developments globally from our Austrian headquarter.

Paradigm Spine

Paradigm Spine is a provider of non-fusion spinal implant solutions that serve to address the unmet clinical needs of spine surgeons and their patients. Starting with the coflex interspinous implant technology Paradigm Spine develops a full non-fusion product portfolio of motion preserving, tissue sparing technologies.


Scient'x ——Orthopedic Products is founded in the specialist focusing to spinal implants ; complete product line and advanced design; SEMI-RIGID is a dynamic nonfosion concept;It is frist to product PEEK material is pure fusion devices.

New Deal

NewDeal was founded in 1997 and is the first company in the world specialized in foot and ankle surgery.It's complete product line is one step ahead of everyone else.
More new products are coming on the way in 2011...
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